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Portal is free right now if you don’t have it

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Portal is one of the best games ever made, period. What appeared to have been a last minute add on to The Orange Box became a reason to buy the compendium in the first place and started a revolution in meme’s, cute songs and insanity in gaming that still continues to this day.

But apparently not everyone has played Portal.

If you are one of these heathens who has never played Portal then go outside and whip yourself in public until you can’t take it anymore and then come back and follow this link

Because right now you can download Portal from Steam for absolutely nothing and experience what is easily one of the best games ever developed for any platform.

Think of this like an amnesty, we won’t tell everyone how much of a loser you are for not playing Portal yet if you just go and download it and play it right now.

Source: Steam

Last Updated: September 16, 2011

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