Possible release dates for GTA IV?

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GTA IV is one of the most anticipated games of ’07…errrr make that ’08. There’s all sorts of stories going round about the game’s delay, some people blaming the PS3s crappy development kit and others blaming the 360.

Either way, all we want is a nice polished, bug free game when it’s finally released. So when is that gonna be exactly? Well, it’s too early to tell for sure but there are some retailers that have hinted at possible dates. Gamestop puts it at 3 March while Amazon.uk is a bit more conservative and guesses end of April.

What’s pretty certain right now is that we still have at least 7 months to kill before getting our hands on GTA IV. 🙁

Source: Rockstar Uncut

Last Updated: August 5, 2007

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