Preliminary PlayStation Move Sales Figures

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So the Move hit retail shelves across the planet last week and it’s still far to early for official figures but VGChartz have thankfully stepped up to the plate and using their extensive experience they have predicted/guessed/been told the following figures for the first few days that the Move has been on sale.

So lets head around the planet and check those sales.

  • America – 60 000
  • Europe – 80 000

Yeah the planet according to VChartz is made up of 1 country and a continent… but hey it’s a start and worth looking at for 2 reasons.

First up those figures are looking mighty small but it’s not bad news for Sony as Move will have a seriously long tail with sales continuing for years to come at a steady pace.

It’s also important to note that Sony have spent very little (in the overall scheme of things) advertising the Move yet. The tactic right now seems to be to only advertise on websites (see and click advert on the left) and to only target hardcore gamers.

This is a marked difference from Microsoft who are heading straight down the throat of casual gamers with as much marketing hype as they can muster.

Both are valid tactics and while Microsoft’s will pay off in the short term they have upset a large segment of their core gaming market which could come back to haunt them. Sony has kept their hardcore gamers happy and will be hoping that this core market will be pushing Move onto all their casual gaming friends.

Source: VGChartz

Last Updated: September 21, 2010

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