Prepare to dine in the Vampire RPG Code Vein

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Dracula dead and loving it

You know why vampires love games of poker? High stakes. Hiiiiiiiiigh staaaaaaaaaaaaakes Coooooorrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaal. Haw. Horrible jokes aside that will further serve as evidence as to why I needed to be locked away for all eternity in the Phantom Zone aside, Vampires are still kind of cool. They’re history’s greatest supernatural public domain asset, characters who have popped up in numerous media while Bram Stoker’s estate really wishes that the old bastard had done a copyright on his Dracula story.

Bandai Namco wants a piece of that.

After some teasing last week with copious amounts of blood and a Dark Souls-styled slogan of “Prepare to dine”, the publisher finally revealed their next project: Code Vein. According to translations of Japanese magazine Famitsu via Gematsu, Code Vein will get a proper reveal tomorrow. God Eater’s development team Shift is busy crafting the title, a Vampire RPG set in the future where the player steps into the boots of a vampiric Revenant to help turn the tide of battle against things that go bump in the night.

Famitsu describes Code Vein as a “dramatic exploration action RPG” in Unreal Engine 4, where players have to juggle not only their supernatural skills but also the bloodlust that drives them. There’s also apparently a Buddy System in play (I’M NOT YOUR BUDDY, GUY!), partnering up Revenants with a support character who can help players get through some of the bigger challenges in this game about the code of blood.

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Sounds interesting. With Japanese developed games being rather not terrible as of late, here’s hoping that that new Renaissance continues on with Code Vein. It’s expected to look for its necks victim in 2018.

Last Updated: April 19, 2017

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    Game developers always seem to focus on vampires.
    Why not a Mummy game? Slowly shuffling around while wrapped in bandages will appeal to dozens of gamers.

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