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Prepare for DOOM this week

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And not just the kind that my favourite Irken invader regularly shrieks about. DOOM is shaping up nicely so far, as the granddaddy of FPS games is starting to resemble a wonderfully gory and fast-paced experience. It’s still going to be many, many months before DOOM is released however. Although you could be lucky enough to get an alpha taste this week.

If you’re registered with the upcoming DOOM beta, there’s a good chance that you may be eligible for a shot/curb stomp/chainsaw evisceration at the closed alpha. According to the DOOM testing FAQ, anyone who picked up Wolfenstein: The New Order and redeemed their beta code before May 26 of 2014, may find themselves invited to try out the closed Alpha.

If your console of choice for the beta registration was PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you get an automatic entry. PC gamers, you’ll need to check your Steam account for any notifications. That specific technical test runs from today, at 19:00 PM PT. Which locally, is 5 in the AM here on Thursday. Which is soon according to my terrible maths. Soon my pretty, soon.

I’m curious to see if DOOM can balance being an old-school shooter with some new school ideas. I’m also more accurately keen to see if I finally have a replacement for Quake 3 Arena when it comes to power fantasy online shooters.

There’s an extremely strict NDA attached to this closed alpha as well, so if I get in, expect my mouth to be sealed tighter than that of Johnny Tight-Lips. So keep an eye out for leaks then. DOOM arrives next year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. DOOOOOOOM!

Last Updated: December 3, 2015

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