Prepare for an ice age in Batman: Arkham Origins DLC

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If there was one game that I was looking forward to in 2013, it had to be the prequel to Arkham Asulum and Arkham City. Unfortunately, a lack of originality and more bugs than a Starship Troopers movie meant that Arkham Origins felt less than stellar. Perhaps DLC for the game can sort things out.

Batman: Arkham Origins, which starred a violent sociopathic orphan who worked out his parental abandonment issues by dressing up as a flying rat mammal and administering fist-based vigilante justice and dental bills at night, also included the option for a season pass when it launched.

The first part of that DLC was the usual superfluous assortment of cosmetic upgrades, as well as the Bruce Wayne standalone story Initiation, which had players honing those violent skills as the young hero in training. And something with ninjas and no Liam Neeson. I think.

But come 2014, it looks like the caped crusader will be facing down an old foe, as the official Arkham Origins Twitter account hinted towards the return of Mr Freeze.




Going back to Arkham City, the boss battle with Mr Freeze was one of my highlights of that game. It was tense, challenging and you needed to use various methods to stop the mad cryogenics genius, as he adapted quicker than the bastard lovechild of the Borg and a Cyberman to whatever you threw at him.

Batman (1) Batman (2)

That was a great fight that built on what the game had taught you so far, and something that was largely missing from Arkham Origins. That prequel had a golden chance to create several unique boss fight encounters, but it largely scuppered it for more generic fights that recycled themes from the previous games.


As for which version of Mr Freeze will be present in Arkham Origins, I’m putting easy money on it being the Ah-nuld Schwarzenegger Mr Freeze. You know the one, he had a rejected Power Rangers suit of armour that was magically powered by diamonds and he made awesome puns and holy hell I must have been higher than my Rastafarian neighbours when I watched that train wreck.

Last Updated: January 6, 2014

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