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Prepare to die again in these glorious new screenshots for Dark Souls 3

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I’ve honestly never understood the appeal of Dark Souls games. To me, they’ve pretty much been the equivalent of wearing a leather bodysuit and mask, zipping the mouth closed and then waiting for your rear to be tanned with a whip.

Still, much like Inigo Montoya’s insistence about your life coming to a premature end, players still jump headfirst into that kind of game. So here, enjoy a lovely load of new screenshots that’ll give you your morbid fix for the day:


There’s a certain Bloodborne influence seen in Dark Souls 3 so far, and I’ve got to admit, that is making the actual game a bit more enticing to me. And I’m not the only one who has noticed that.

“Dark Souls and Bloodborne are two separate franchises, but both have [Hidetaka] Miyazaki-san’s personal touch,” producer Brandon Williams said to GameSpot.

One thing that people are already noticing is the faster speed at which combat and action in Dark Souls III moves. It’s a bit faster than previous Dark Souls games but not as fast as Bloodborne. I’d say it’s just right.

One of the things Miyazaki-san and the team at From Software is trying to do is make Dark Souls III a smooth/seamless experience, without lowering the difficultly; and the new weapons, Battle Arts, character builds will play into that.

The heart of Dark Souls will not change, but the team believes that expanding the way weapons can be used will be an important and welcome evolution of the Souls formula.

The funny thing is, is that it has always been the atmosphere of Dark Souls that has turned me off of the games. They’re just so damn depressing, like a combination of a Counting Crows CD and a loop of that part in The Lion King where Mufasa dies.

The sequel looks to have that kind of atmosphere firmly in check once again. And while the depressive nature of the title kinda gets me down, it’ll most likely be the infuriatingly difficult boss battles that’ll result in controller sales skyrocketing. Again.

Good job Dark Souls 3!

Last Updated: August 7, 2015

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