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Prepare to heed the Call of Juarez once again, as the Gunslinger returns

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The last Call of Juarez game was simply abysmal. Trading the old West for a clunky modern day story that was riddled with bad controls and annoying stereotypes, The Cartel wasn’t exactly game of the year material. Still, Activision isn’t giving up, and they’re bringing the wild, wild west back in Call of Juarez: The Gunslinger.

We’re headed back to the days of horses, saloons and tobacco spit jars it seems, as Techland has begun work on the title which will be due for digital release on Xbox Live Arcade, PC and the Playstation Network sometime in early 2013.

Once again, the game will be split across several characters and narratives, with Joystiq describing an early build of the game as being far more closer to Bound in Blood in style and gameplay, a smart move considering how rock solid that underrated title in the franchise actually was.

Stylish shooting is once again on the cards, rewarding players with points that can be utilised for upgrades that will help you slap leather faster and better, while also helping to complement the overall skills of your cowboy.

I’ve always been a fan of the Juarez series, but The Cartel left a seriously sour taste in my mouth last year. Here’s hoping that this newer, more focused title will have me whistlin’ Dixie once again.

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Last Updated: September 6, 2012

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