Prepare to make a final stand with Battlefield 4

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Final Stand

It’s a pity Battlefield 4 became a broken mess for me a couple of weeks after I got it. I genuinely loved the game, but I haven’t touched it for many, many months. Every time I watch a video or anything related though, I have that itch to dive back in. The latest catalyst comes compliments of the last planned DLC simply called ‘Final Stand’. It has prototype weapons, secret military installations, and freezing landscapes…

First up, here’s the reveal video which was shown a good few weeks ago…

Here’s the gameplay trailer which was unveiled just yesterday…

We know some of you are locked up in horrible corporations which block YouTube, so here’s a Vidme version too.

Lastly, here are the features you can expect from the DLC:

High-Tech Weaponry – Fight in secret military installations and get your mitts on high-tech prototype weapons like the devastating railgun Rorsch MK-1, that fires a single powerful ignited by kinetic energy.

Traverse the snow – Use the new Snowmobile or take helm of the experimental hover tank HT-95 Levkov, capable of versatile movement, to master the sub-zero landscapes and harsh blizzards of the 4 all-new maps.

Futuristic gadgets – All-new gadgets and Battle Pickups like the flying, machine gun-equipped drone XD-1 Accipiter and the sneaky DS-3 Decoy Signal give you the upper hand on the Battlefield.

If you’re a premium member, you have access to the DLC starting today already. For the other saps like myself, we have to cough up around $15 and can only play from December the 2nd.

This of course serves as the last bit of Battlefield content before the sequel, Hardlines, comes out in March next year. It’s a completely different approach to the franchise, and I don’t see it being quite as awesome as the stuff shown above. Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong.

Anyways, are you a Battlefield fan? Are you excited for this final bit of DLC?

Last Updated: November 18, 2014

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