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Prepare to release the kraken with League of Legend’s new champion, Illaoi

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With this year’s League of Legends World Championship over and out of the way, you’d think Riot would pack up shop and take the rest of the year off. They’ve done plenty through 2016, like released a constant flow of refreshing patches, thrown several new champions into Summoner’s Rift, and held a good few themed events along the way too. Basically, a break for the team would be well deserved.

This is Riot we’re talking about though. Do those folk ever sleep? Do they know how to chill out? Apparently not, because they’ve now revealed a brand new champion for their MOBA…

Most champions arm themselves with swords or guns or magic or whatever, but Illaoi’s bringing a freakin’ god to the Rift. One of the new breed of juggernauts, she’s a slow but impactful solo laner in any game, with tentacles that offer huge zone control once they worm their way into a game. And while she lacks traditional gap closers to start fights, she can pull the spirits from distant squishies and destroy them, rendering yet another vessel for Illaoi’s god, Nagakabouros.

Well, Illaoi certainly sounds awesome. Let’s take a look at what’s she’s capable of…

Passive: Prophet of an Elder God

Illaoi periodically spawns a tentacle on a nearby wall. Tentacles interact with Illaoi’s abilities and last until killed or left dormant a full minute.

Q: Tentacle Smash

Passive: Tentacles that hit enemy champions heal Illaoi for a small portion of her missing health.
Active: Illaoi summons a tentacle that slams down in a target direction, damaging all enemies struck.

W: Harsh Lesson

Instead of attacking normally, Illaoi charges in for her next basic attack, dealing bonus physical damage before commanding all nearby tentacles to swing at her target.

E: Test of Spirit

Illaoi casts a spell that sends tendrils out in a target direction. If the tendrils connect with an enemy champion, they grasp the champion’s spirit and tear it back to Illaoi. When spirits are attacked by the Kraken Priestess or her allies, it transmits a portion of its suffering to their now spiritless champion.

If Illaoi and her allies are able to destroy the spirit, or if the spiritless champion flees too far from their spirit, they suffer a heavy slow as they become a vessel, and start spawning tentacles around them that attack both their host and their allies. Test of Spirit allows tentacles to occasionally swing at spirits and vessels, dealing physical damage to all enemies hit.

R: Leap of Faith

Illaoi leaps into the air before slamming her idol into the ground, damaging all nearby enemies and summoning a tentacle for every enemy champion hit. Harsh Lesson’s cooldown is significantly reduced while Leap of Faith is active.


I am genuinely gobsmacked. League of Legends has well over 100 champions, all of which are pretty unique in terms of design, roles, abilities, and capabilities. Yet somehow, Riot have managed to design a yet another character who really does stand out in the already varied MOBA roster.

Those tentacles do seem a little overpowered though, at least in my eyes. What do you reckon, Umar? You’re the expert in this department, right?

Last Updated: November 11, 2015


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