Prepare to throw your wallet on the ground with these winter specials!

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Hey, I know we’re no longer on speaking terms since I told you about the Humble Store Winter Sale. I just wanted to apologise. How was I to know you’d blow all your savings like that though? Anyways, I think we should be friends again, come on, for old times sake at least! Listen, I’ve got some inside information on cheap games, guaranteed to give you hours of entertainment and save you mone… hey wait, where are you going?

Seriously, come back, there are some awesome deals just waiting to be grabbed! are rounding off their winter sale today. By the time you read this, there’ll only be around 3 hours left to purchase all the things! So hurry over and check out all the goodies they have going for ridiculously cheap. Here are some choice bundles to get you started:

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Don’t forget that the Humble Store also have sales running for the next week or so. Here are some choices for today.

I hope you have some money leftover to do the rest of your Christmas shopping after buying yourself millions of games.  Heck, why not splash some money on your gaming buddies? I know I wouldn’t say no to some wrapped digital goodies!

Last Updated: December 15, 2014

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