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Prepare yourself for pirates and real estate in the upcoming Kingdoms of Amalur DLC

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has proven to be a smash hit with gamers so far, and despite a few bugs and issues here and there, it’s been an addictive and engrossing experience that has elevated RPG Fantasy combat from a mere numbers game of hacking and slashing, into a fun gameplay system that rewards skill and ingenuity.

It’s also a massive game to play, but that doesn’t mean that isn’t room for more content. Which is just what KOA is getting, in the form of some DLC that goes by the name of The Legend of Dead Kel.

Dead Kel and his crew of ghastly ghosts will make up the bulk of the new content that players will battle and fate-weave through, and will allow for gamers to explore a massive new area in the Northern Islands, called Gallows End, that will have more characters, quests and dungeons to seek out, and most likely pirate ghosts.

Or is ghost pirates? I’m still not certain what the proper term is exactly. So I’m going with Spectre Buccaneer.

Players will also get housing in Gravehal Keep, that has several perks built into it. EA is claiming that the new content will increase the size of Amalur by 15%. It’ll cost you 800 MSN points on Xbox, or $9.99 on PSN, Origin and Steam, and is due out on March 20.

Last Updated: March 1, 2012

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