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Prepare yourself for the MainGaming FIFA league!

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Football games! Look, look at them! There they are! It’s time to settle old scores on the digital pitch, like 1-1 and 2-0, once again! Jokes aside, when it comes to footie games, they’re pretty damn popular over here. Why, I’ll never know, but then again, I think that rugby players need to score runs and avoid the wickets as it is. Feel like you’re the best in the country though, when it comes to FIFA? Time to put those skills to the test then.

MainGaming will be hosting two seasons of their annual FIFA tournament, using the latest version of the beautiful game. Season One will consist of several torunaments held across the country, with 32 finalists taking place in the grand finals, in order to stand a chance at winning an all expenses paid trip to go watch a UEFA Champions League Final in London, next year May 25.

Second place gets you a brand spankin’ new PS3 console, while the third place winner walks away with a Tritton headset to tickle his or hers ear-drums with. As for the second season, more details are on the way, but the winner of that tourney will walk away with R30 000 in cash.

For more details on rules, requirements and the fine print, head on over to the MainGaming website to do some reading up.

Last Updated: October 23, 2012

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