Preview: Might and Magic Heroes VI – Shades of Darkness

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Heroes of Might and Magic VI fans will soon be treated to a new standalone ‘extension’ to the game, entitled Shades of Darkness. We got our hands on some preview code which had a couple of maps for us to check out. Here’s a taste of what’s coming.

Set a century after the events of the base game, Shades of Darkness features two new campaigns, adding more than 20 hours of gameplay. The opening cinematic hints at a cataclysmic family feud and the rise of dark forces, and a terrifying undead army commanded by a powerful mage who just happens to be the person who murdered the Duke, her own father.


If you’re new to the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise, it’s part RPG as you choose heroes to lead your armies. These heroes have access to certain abilities which they can deploy on the battlefield for various impressive effects, and as they level up, you’ll be able to choose just what they can do. There’s also a strategy element, as combat takes place on a grid in a turn-based fashion. There’s also resources to be collected and towns to conquer and upgrade.

You’ll discover the Dungeon faction, which is led by the Dark Elves, masters of deception and stealth. You’ll also come across several new units and hero classes and abilities, among other things. A notable addition is the townscreen, which was not included in the base game.


The visuals of this extension were stunning, from the town and load screen artwork, to the opening cinematic, as well as the in game graphics. It really was a pleasure to watch my little orcs and ghosts march to their doom as they battled it out with the AI, which, as it turns out, significantly outnumbered me!


Heroes of Might and Magic: Shades of Darkness brings you 7 creatures, new hero classes, a new town and buildings set, a new mount, dozens of new artifacts, abilities and achievements. Hopefully this little taster is enough to tide you over until the game goes on sale later this week.

Last Updated: April 29, 2013

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