Prey 2 is in Limbo

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Around this time, we should have been wearing a stetson and blasting outer space aliens in Prey 2, but the game has had one hell of a rocky development cycle. Bethesda delayed the game a while back, and since then, we’ve heard pretty much about a zero-G’s worth of news. Has Prey been cancelled? Not according to developer Human Head. In fact, it’s taking part in some tropical fun (Citation needed).

Human Head’s Nathan Cheever says that the game is still alive, in a certain manner, and is just kicking around in limbo right now.


As for Bethesda, Kotaku asked them for some more details on the current state of Prey 2, to which they replied: "We don’t have any additional information to share on the status of Prey 2." I’d hate to see Prey 2 cancelled. The first one had some nifty ideas, and a great mixture of designs, from Native American folklore through to outer space horrors.

But right now, it’s starting to look like Prey 2 might be lost forever in the cold, dark vacuum of the cosmos. Just remember, in development space, no one can hear you rage…

Last Updated: October 16, 2012

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