Prey 2 “was a full game, fun,” says former writer

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I don't care how Geoff gets me back for this, it was WORTH IT!

If there’s one game that I’m hoping to see at E3, besides the console version of Farming Simulator 2013, it’s Prey 2. It’s been a couple of years now since it debuted, and since then it’s been passed around like a bottle at a teenager slumber party. And according to one guy who worked on it, it’s a “crazy fun” game.

According to the narrative designer and writer on that game, Jason L. Blair via VG247, Prey 2 was starting to shape up nicely during the final months of development.

Blair took to Twitter last week, after rumours of Dishonoured developer Arkane Studios taking over the title had begun to make the rounds.

“This Prey 2/Arkane rumor is giving new life to a lot of old lies,” Blair tweeted. “I’m been quiet about this whole business but can’t stay so anymore”.

I’ve worked at/with Human Head Games for years, including different stages of Prey 2 development .I was narrative designer/writer on Prey 2 for the last six months of its development at Human Head. It was a lot more than a demo. Prey 2 was a full game. And a crazy fun one. The team was small but you wouldn’t have known it.

What happened to Prey 2, from where I sat, was political. And petty. And potentially litigable. Human Head had a great game. I was heartbroken when Prey 2 went into limbo. Human Head deserved to have that game released. Frankly, they needed it.

As for Arkane, I’ve enjoyed what I played of Dishonored. They have the chops. If the rumor is true, they’ll likely do well with Prey 2. But I mourn that Prey 2 won’t belong to Human Head. I mourn that my friends won’t get recognition for what they accomplished.

It’s kind of sad when a game gets shifted between too many developers. Each studio has their own signature style, but too many cooks and the spoiled broth and all that. I’m positive that we’ll see some mention of Prey 2 at E3 at least, but hopefully it’ll be in a form that benefits from all the various studios that have worked on it.

Last Updated: June 3, 2013

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