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Prey finally has PlayStation 4 Pro support

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Arkane’s reboot of Pray is a damned good game, for most of the experience anyway. The game seems to lose focus in its last few hours, sullying what would otherwise be a genre classic. For some players though, the game’s biggest disappointment wasn’t in its narrative.

PlayStation 4 Pro owners were a little disappointed that the immersive sim didn’t actually have any appreciable performance enhancements on Sony’s PlayStation Pro. The game looked and ran as it did on the base PS4 hardware, even on the more expensive, more powerful console. That’s changed with the latest patch for the game, which finally adds the extra layer of shiny that discerning gamers expect.

Here are the PS4 Pro specific changes, updates and enhancements

  • Enable Screen-Space Reflections
  • Higher quality shadows
  • Improved texture appearance
  • More texture memory (stable streaming)
  • Anisotropy 16x (from 4x)
  • Improved visual fidelity
  • Less LOD usage
  • Dynamic lights show up further
  • Particles are allowed to draw more pixels per effect
  • Particle refraction enabled

The patch also apparently fixes the input drift that many experienced with the PS4 Version. It’s available right now for PS4, with the patch also fixing general things in the game itself. Said patch will make its way to the Steam and Xbox One versions later this week. Here’s everything else that it fixes:

  • Glooing Cook between objectives no longer breaks mission
  • ‘Nightmare is Hunting You’ no longer plays after completing ‘Copy Protection’ without Typhon Neuromods installed
  • Disgruntled Employee mission now properly completes if player finds Grant
  • Lockwood prior to getting mission.
  • Sarah Elazar will now give the code for Cargo Bay B if player has hostility from Phantoms
  • Aaron Ingram will no longer flee and cower when released in Psychotronics
  • Player can no longer lock themselves in the security pharmaceuticals office in Trauma
  • Superfruit no longer appears shrunken and flat when fully grown.
  • Adjusted timing on several cutscenes.
  • Blank objective markers no longer persist above reticle
  • Using key actions while controller prompts are shown will no longer cause a freeze.
  • Tracking bracelets are now sent to Recycler with “Transfer all Junk”

Here’s what we said of the game in our review:

“Although Prey’s combat and narrative fail to fill the shoes of the games they’re so obviously taking inspiration from, the visit to its Talos I space station is a marvel in interconnected level design and presentation. This is environmental storytelling and mechanical tension done to a tee, even if Prey is working hard to try and yank you out of its immersion far too often.”

Last Updated: May 31, 2017


  1. Pieter Kruger

    May 31, 2017 at 09:38

    “PlayStation 4 Pro owners were a little disappointed” Well that right there just about sums up the PS4 Pro…..???


  2. HairyEwok

    May 31, 2017 at 11:46

    I Prey this game will be on sale when Steam summer sale starts.


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