Prince of Persia Movie Fights Off Talking Donkeys And Prada Handbags To Win Biggest Opening Movie In 41 Countries

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The Prince of Persia movie is officially out worldwide, and when I watched it two weekends ago I really liked it, despite what the nitpicking self-appointed movie critics had to say.

Well, the movie released this past weekend in most countries (not sure why South Africa got it a week early) and the numbers are in, and would you believe that it took the top spot in over 40 countries despite releasing on the same weekend as the new Shrek and Sex in The City 2 movies?

The United States of America is usually the real indicator of how things went down, and in the U.S the sales were not as peachy as the producers may have hoped.

While taking number one spot in 41 countries worldwide, Jake Gyllenhaal’s washboard abs were not beautiful enough to lure the ladies away from a stupid movie about shoes and boys. It also didn’t manage to beat out Shrek 12 (or was it 4, or 24?) but to be completely honest, I can understand that, since Shrek is just massively popular overall.

So in the end it landed in the number 3 spot in the USA, and first in 41 other countries and if that isn’t an impressive showing then I don’t know what is. The only videogame feature film adaptation to ever make the number one spot was Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie, but that franchise ended when she adopted all of the producers and moved them to Tibet.

Still, Prince of Persia has done well and was pretty well received. This is good news for future adaptations any which way you look at it.

You can check more stats through the link below.

Source: Box Office via Kotaku

Last Updated: June 1, 2010

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