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Prison Inmate Sues Blizzard Over World of WarCraft Addiction

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eifel What would you do if you were killing time in prison for wire fraud? If you’re Johnathan Lee Riches, you apparently spend it filing rambling third-party motions to unrelated court cases.

WoW Insider is reporting that Riches has filed a third-party motion in the Blizzard vs. MDY Industries suit that was decided earlier this year. His claim? World of Warcraft was responsible for “causing [me] to live in a virtual universe, where [I] explored the landscape committing identity theft and fighting cybermonster rival hacker gangs.”

Apparently Riches is an old hand at this, because he made the same claims about Grand Theft Auto 4 when he sued Rockstar Games earlier this year. According to Virtually Blind, he’s also taken the time to sue George Bush, Michael Vick, National Public Radio, Barry Bonds, Plato and the Eiffel Tower. At the very least, he gets major points for originality on that last.

As for World of WarCraft, it may have turned his mind into “a living video game” and caused him “to commit fraud to buy video games,” but it looks like this particular motion will be dismissed on procedural grounds. Maybe he should stick to suing monuments?

Source: WoW Insider and  Virtually blind

Last Updated: November 6, 2008

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  1. Wesley

    November 7, 2008 at 10:25

    Looks like his trying to make his new addiction sueing people for stupid stuff. why not sue the goverment for having something like the tax man aswel


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