Pro Evolution Soccer 16 going free-to-play?

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PES 16 going free-to-play?

Well here’s a little bit of peculiar news. Konami hasn’t exactly been the in the good graces of consumers, even though Metal Gear Solid V was lauded as a fantastic game for at least 50% of the time. Since then Konami has really kicked the micotransaction game into overdrive, and doubled down on mobile gaming and pachinko machines. And that’s totally fine, although I’m not sure changing a full priced game to free-to-play months after release is the best idea.

And that’s the idea I get from a recently listed classification application via the Australian Classification board, which shows the Japanese publisher seeking classification for Pro Evolution Soccer 16 Free-To-Play.

Before we make wild assumptions, let’s jut take some stock. The Australian Classification Board lists all games under the same “computer games” banner, meaning applications cannot be differentiated between console, PC and, more importantly, mobile game releases. The applications don’t make specific platform mentions either, meaning that PES 16 Free-To-Play could really end up on anything between an Xbox One to Android smartphone.

So in truth, this could just be the regular cheap mobile game cash-in with the types of microtransactional pay walls that are par for the course in free mobile gaming. From this classification alone we have no real way of telling, but taking Konami’s past business stances into account changes the scenario somewhat. PES 16 has been (critically) a resounding success this year, and the publishers drive towards more mobile gaming experiences while not abandoning console altogether paints a scary picture of their version of games going forward.

Honestly, I don’t see an Xbox One and PS4 game like PES 16 suddenly going free to play, but it would be interesting to see what it turns out being if not a mobile developed title. Pay $1 to recover an injured Messi perhaps?

Last Updated: November 20, 2015

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