Project Natal can pick up your gender… I am seriously impressed

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I believe I am a pretty tech savvy person and can understand most technical designs and ideas but this is verging on witchcraft to me.

After the break you will find a tech-demo video of Project Natal as it was being shown off at an Israeli R&D center it shows us quite a fair bit including

  • minimal lag
  • multiple entities on a single screen
  • depth and assets crossing over
  • and then gender…

Amazingly Project Natal can pick up your gender just by analysing what you look like. VG247 thinks it has to do with facial recognition while my wife thinks it’s more to do with measuring the hips in comparison to the rest of the body.

I’m going to take my wife’s side on this one (see we can be taught) and agree that it’s most likely not facial recognition… I still privately feel it’s witchcraft though and should possibly be burnt at the stake.

As soon as it’s released I am throwing it in the closest river to see if it drowns… if once removed it doesn’t work it will be conclusive proof that it’s a witch. If it still works we will return to the stake idea.

When it comes to the wow stakes however I think it’s pretty clear that Microsoft has one up on Sony. They are going to find it far easier to sell this to the mass market.

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Last Updated: April 16, 2010

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