Project Natal to land this Christmas – It could happen

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So on the back of the current rumours about the 60Gb model being dropped comes an entirely new rumour fresh out of the box.

When we saw Project Natal at E3 it wasn’t quite the finished piece but it wasn’t far off. It worked, it could be tested by strangers and it stood up to the tests pretty well.

Now with the removal of the 60GB SKU from the line up we have a whole that you could drive a bus through and with no real reason being seen for the removal of the 60Gb you have to wonder why Microsoft are doing this?

Stockpiling, it makes sense seeing as they have already announced that Project Natal is going to be like a hardware launch all over again. They are going to need enough consoles everywhere to meet their expected needs.

They also want to start building the hype for Project Natal and they can’t do that and expect sales to continue as they have been, so pull the 60Gb models now and announce that Project Natal will have a 27th of November release date.

Then start building up the hype and expectation over the next 3 months (which is perfect timing) and watch the money come rolling in over Christmas.

I would say the chance of this being entirely true are about 30%… but if the tech is ready I see no reason for Microsoft not to do this, especially as the PS3 is starting to mount it’s own challenge for the Christmas title with the imminent price drop announcement and PS3 Slim appearance.

Last Updated: August 7, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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