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PS Move Racing wheel adds motion control to any game

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Mother of Zeus I have been bored out of my skull today. Mostly because there’s nothing in the news that interests me and also because I can’t stop thinking about my brain giving up on me and dying when I get to review Farming Simulator 2012. (Thanks Geoff, I have started plotting my revenge!)

Other than that I came across this article where some one discovered that the PS Move racing wheel can add motion control to any game, even if it doesn’t necessarily support Move. Well, usually I wouldn’t care, but they actually called it a “racing wheel” and that made me giggle.

Moving on. The peripheral was tried on Need for Speed: Shift 2 and Gran Turismo 5… Wait, what? Really? Is it even possible to play a racing game with something like this? I mean if you’re really into racing games and appreciate driving with a real racing wheel, pedals and gearbox, not a glorified PS3 controller. Okay, I’m straying from the subject again. Maximum concentration! Here I go.

The PS3 user Albert Chen said that the tested games (NFS: Shift 2, GT5 and also Sonic the Hedgehog 2) did not recognize the wheel peripheral, but they were able to read the controller’s inputs as those coming from a normal DualShock 3 controller. According to his reports a PS Eye camera is not needed to make the wheel work in other games. The wheel is now available for pre-order in North America for $39.99 (R346).

Don’t get me wrong, the design is easy on the eye and comes across as a really cute gadget and would probably be baws in Little Big Planet Karting, but why would you buy it when you can buy a perfectly awesome Logitech G27 (actual) Racing Wheel that gives you dual-motor force feedback, a six-speed shifter, steel gas, brake and clutch pedals. Even though it’s way more expensive, it’s a real racing wheel. #justsaying

I don’t know. Maybe I’m being too nasty about it, what say you? PS Move wheel peripheral a real racing wheel or not?

A very subtle subliminal message.

Last Updated: October 31, 2012

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