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PS Vita sales are at the low end of the spectrum

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Speaking at CES in Las Vegas Kaz Hirai has admitted that the sales of the PS Vita are towards the lower end of their expectations but he doesn’t think that it is anything to worry about. Yet.

According to Kaz

I would say it’s on the low end of what we expected

but that

“Long term is what’s important.

Last June Sony announced that they had sold 2.2 million units but they have declined to release new sales figures since them leading many to believe that sales have slowed quite significantly and with companies rarely admitting to low sales figures this latest comment from Kaz could be a warning to investors moving forward as Sony were banking quite a lot on the PS Vita being a success.

I personally think the smart phone market has decimated the handheld gaming market and I for one haven’t picked up a 3DS or PSP in months while I game daily on my iPhone and iPad. I have never had any desire to buy a PS Vita either.

What about you though? Do you think handheld gaming has met its match in the smartphone world, or is the Vita going to prove us wrong?

Last Updated: January 9, 2013

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