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PS Vita will be restricted to one ID per console

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Planning on purchasing a PS Vita for you and the family to enjoy, while taking advantage of its region free hardware and digital capabilities?

You might want to purchase several then, depending on the size of your family and wallet, as Sony has revealed that the handheld device will only support one Playstation Network ID, limiting what multiple players can purchase and access.

Neogaf recently posted a translation of a Japanese FAQ detailing this, and what players with multiple PSN IDs will expect when buying the device. Every time a new PSN ID is loaded onto the Vita, players will have to reset the console back to factory settings before they can use it, even if said profile has been stored on a separate memory card and swopped onto it.

Additionally, any content purchased on the one profile, may accessed by the other, on the PSP that is, and it looks like Sony will implement a similar feature onto the Vita. Unlike the PS3, which allows for easy content sharing and purchasing between users on the same machine, this seems like a right pain in the gluteus maximus.

Our advice? Forego the ego-stroking of one singular PSN ID, and stick to a family specific account. Or buy more PS Vitas if you’re rich.

Last Updated: December 5, 2011

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