PS1-themed PS4 skipping European regions

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Despite being an early Xbox One adopter (I even imported the damn thing), I have yet to find a reason to purchase a PS4. That’s not because I think I have the superior console, but rather because I don’t see a point yet in owning both current-gen boxes. But hell, even I have to admit that the new, limited edition PS4 makes convincing argument.

Announced to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation, Sony has revealed a PS1-themed PS4 console that will go on sale in extremely limited quantities this week. The console comes blasted with a familiar grey paint, matching the style of the original PlayStation that kicked off Sony’s console reign. The controller, Playstation Eye and vertical stand are all included too, bearing the same paint job and additional retro features.

The console has already been confirmed for sale in Japan, the United States and Canada, retailing for the premium price of $499. Only 12 300 consoles are being made, making it an extremely limited run. So will it ever be available outside of those territories? Probably not through conventional means.

Sony is set to reveal more details on how we can pre-order these consoles this weekend at their PlayStation Experience event, although the possibility for a European launch is highly unlikely. That means we’ll probably never see the console reach local shores either, leaving expensive imports as your only real, extremely risky, option.

“Given this very limited production run, the 20th Anniversary Edition will not be available via traditional retail channels in the SCEE region”

Which makes me incredibly sad, since I never actually owned the very first PlayStation. This was probably as close as I was going to get.


Last Updated: December 4, 2014

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