PS3 can’t keep up with the 360

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Ps3 will never catch up

So we have now seen 12 rounds of Eurogamer face off’s come and go with the 360 always coming out tops. So why is that?

Well if a site by the name of is to be believed then the PS3 is never going to beat the 360 purely because it can’t push out the same amount of polygons per second.

Apparently the Xbox 360 can push out 500 000 000 polygons per second while the PS3 struggles to 275 000 000 per second. So when the developers decide to cross platform a game they have to drop down the 360’s ability so that the PS3 can keep up.

Well if that isn’t flame bait I don’t know what is but it raises a point, why is the PS3 constantly losing these cross platform comparisons?


Last Updated: July 7, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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