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PS3 Castlevania Patch Nearly Took As Long As Gran Turismo 5 – Fixes Save Bug

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Seriously, how can you put people through stress like this for so long.

I reviewed Castlevania: Lords of Shadow back in October (and really fancied it) and while the game is out on both PS3 and Xbox 360, the PS3 version was plagued with a terrible bug that made people… oh I don’t know… just lose their entire save file and progress.

Let me tell you something, there was nothing more stressful than being 12 hours into a 20 hour game for a review and knowing that the next time you switch your PS3 on, the save file might have vanished.

I eventually started backing up my save game, which made me feel a lot better but was still a pain in the butt to do after every session.

The patch has now been released and sorts out the save file bug as well as adds the ability for the text to scroll during the loading sections, which is a welcome addition in my opinion. The patch also fixes a bug that I was not aware of, that also made controllers disconnect while the auto-save icon was on the screen.

Apparently a patch will also be coming for the Xbox 360 “shortly”. It gave the same error as the PS3 version, but didn’t lose the save game, so its probably just some minor fixes and the scrolling text.

Castlevania was awesome, so you should check it out. At 20 hours of great gameplay, it’s an awesome game to get for the holidays for those of you who want an engrossing and challenging single player game but can’t fork out for a bunch of titles.

Source: VG247

Last Updated: December 2, 2010

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