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PS3 compares poorly to the 360 on Fallout 3 – According to the PlayStation Magazine

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[Update] PSM(3) has come out to clarify this point. Apparently the PS3 version is SLIGHTLY worse than the 360 version and the difference is purely down to a slightly choppier framerate and the objects are jaggier/rougher in the distance, not to mention that they textures are muddier up close. The 360 version looks better but it’s not like the PS3 version is bad so if you only have a PS3 don’t panic you will still love the game.

I would like to also point out that this doesn’t contradict or change anything in the rest of this story.

Fallout 3

And here we go again another AAA cross platform title is being reported as looking better on the 360 and PC compared to the PS3.

What makes this even more believable is that this is being reported by PSM(3), in their very own words

“”Fallout 3’s world looks incredible, tinged by the chill of the desolate, post-apocalyptic emptiness. But sadly, the PS3 version compares poorly to it’s Xbox and Pc counterparts. It’s not a deal breaker, but clearly the PS3 wasn’t the lead platform – disappointing, since Oblivion looked better on the PS3.”

Can I get the usual complaints out of the way now not to waste time?

We can blame the bad / lazy / stupid developers who didn’t understand the platform except that these are the guys who did so well with Oblivion on the PS3…

How about we start up the conspiracy engine and say that Microsoft has paid Bethesda to make sure that the PS3 version looks worse.. well it would have to be a lot of money to make a company gimp their own product.

No I think the reality is a little simpler than that and a lot worse for Sony, the 360 and PC development processes are very similar and as such it makes sense to lead on the PC and port to the 360 and polish it then. However porting to the PS3 is a bit more difficult and seeing that the PC and 360 markets are substantially larger than the PS3 market which version do you think the developers are going to be spend more time on?

Can Sony fix this? I honestly don’t know, it is a worry and I am hoping that with the exclusives they have they can force a market change to ensure that the games keep on coming thick and fast to both platforms.

However if you are thinking of getting Fallout 3 and have a choice it has suddenly become obvious which version you should be getting.

Last Updated: October 22, 2008

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