PS3 Firmware 2.17 released

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[Update]The official PlayStation blog has been updated and it has been confirmed that version 2.17 does nothing more than stabilise the operating system.

So it has been a while since firmware 2.10 was released for the PS3 and people have been wondering when the next one would arrive.

Well it’s here, 2.17 is now available to download (no idea what happened to the other 6?). So what does it include.

Well so far it appears that it doesn’t add anything to the PS3 at all. It has some security updates, some stability and performance updates and that is about it.

It is 119Mb so if you don’t need to update I would recommend against doing it, it just seems pretty pointless all round?

However if you feel the need or have nothing better to do you can either upgrade through the PSN or click the links below to get the updates

EU Version
US Version

Last Updated: March 13, 2008

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