PS3 firmware Update 1.93 released

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Yes the PS3 1.93 firmware has now been released and it is more useless than the last one… Well to us in South Africa that is.

The only thing that this patch does is to fix a networking problem the previous patch broke. But if you remember correctly the 1.92 patch only applied to US and Japanese consoles and therefore would not have broken yours.

So unless you have a US or Japanese console this update should be completely ignored.

PS3 firmware Update 1.93 released :: PlayStation Universe (PSU)

Last Updated: September 13, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • scotty777

    you know, with the whole telkom crappy pappy cappy, these “updates” are just giving me loads of SH!T!!! I mean, i con’t play online unless i have some stupid ass update, which isn’t the fastest thing to download… and when it’s done, a new update comes out, and the process starts again!!!

    I’m pretty much fed up with sony’s answer to updates, sure, it’s gets stuff fix quickly, but my god, do they have to make every thing so stupid???

    yes, ok, It’s fine if they pump one out every month, as that just means that my cap doesn’t get eaten away by there 1000 updates which do nothing, or fix the problems that the updates make… version 2.0 better be a monster update adding cool things otherwise i don’t know why I’m playing ps3…

    oh, Is it me, or don’t updates supposed to make the console BETTER? or at least d something worth while???

    I don’t think Microsoft are right either(I will never bow down to the dark side) because having the updates every 6 months seems a little silly… Not to say it’s bad, as They do test the systems and it makes sense having a stable system…

  • Ruslan

    Another 200MB of wasted bandwitdh. Thank you Sony.

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