PS3 Hackers can unban themselves, ban others

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You’d imagine, with Sony’s recent banhammer swinging that they’d finally gotten the upper hand on hackers and pirates. Well, that’s not the case – and the perpetual cat and mouse game between Sony and PS3 hackers continues unabated.

Thanks to a few available tools, hackers can now apparently control the traffic sent to and received from PSN, giving them the ability to unban their consoles – as well as ban legitimate users.

The tools allow for the nefarious spoofing of hardware and account ID’s sent to Sony’s PlayStation network, giving hackers access to a service they should rightly be banned from. Even worse, if a particularly malicious hacker got hold of your console ID – something requiring some impressive social engineering – they could play pirated games using your credentials, which Sony would detect. You’d then be issued with a fresh ban – for doing nothing wrong at all.

I was willing to side with modders using the hardware they bought as they wished – but this is a step too far. If legitimate users end up being even more inconvenienced by hacker intervention, then something drastic needs to be done.

With this level PSN intrusion though, can Sony still really do anything?

Source : PSNAtHome

[Thanks to eXp_ZA for the tip]

Last Updated: February 18, 2011

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