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PS3 has better quality games than the Xbox 360

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The Sony Protection Group, which is obviously completely unbiased, has come out and made a graph comparing the percentages of quality titles on each of the consoles….

It is not suprising to see the PS3 winning in this chart, what is suprising though is that they claim to have taken the information from Metacritic.com which is a truly non-biased organisation.

what we can see from the graph is that when you buy a PS3 you have more chance of a quality game than from any other console, what is horrifying is that the Wii has more terrible (<50%) games than good games.

Buying an Xbox 360 gives you the best chance of not having a bad game as well.

So what does this graph really tell us?

Link to Sony Protection Group

Last Updated: May 28, 2007

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