PS3 is just an expensive promise

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This posting was made by Doobiwan from Gamerza and I thought he hit on a lot of very good points and would love to hear your points on this? 


Lets talk facts then shall we, here’s opinion based on fact, not some brainwashing page ranker trying to feltch your wallet:

HD video?
Who ****ing cares. I’m not fighting a movie format war on a GAMES console to line some corporate’s pocket. HD constitutes less than 2% of the home movie market! Then benefit is MINIMAL over DVD when it comes to the overall enjoyment of the product, my life is no less enriched without it. My console is for games, thank you. If/when I decide to do HD movie I’ll do it when there’s a clear format winner, and a stand alone player costs me less than R2k.

The 360 wins here FOR ME because I’m not forced into spending on something that is unnecessary, not because it supports either format. Others may view things different, and boys there’s the difference. Just because I have a solid reason for not liking something doesn’t automatically make me a fanboy (I do other things for that PS3 is just an expensive promise 2 )

1st/2nd gen 360 Reliability sucks rocks. Sure, I’ll admit it. Do I care? No, it has been addressed. I’ve never had a problem and now have a 3 year warranty. I can take it back to the store and swap it out in minutes. Should new buyers worry? No, the new pro/elite PAL ‘zephyrs’ all have the upgraded thermals and internals. It may not be the 65nm yet, but the problem has been addressed.

What’s more important is Why do you want one? Because . .


The PS3 has games, sure it does, we know that, even a couple of fun exclusive ones. But, the 360 just has more, it has better, and it has cheaper games. It’s got AAA’s it’s got XBLA’s. It’s got them coming out of it’s ears. Mature games, Kids games, sports games, Arcade games. Hundred of great games. Sony promises a lot, and maybe they’ll deliver in time, but so far (I’m talking the last 10 years) they very often fall short of their promises. At the very least, for now ie 2007+, The xbox is the better platform for games.

Online games.
It also has absolutely kick a$$ online. Maybe the PS3 will catch up, but it’s still waiting. Home, may or may not appeal to you. FOR ME it seems to be an unnecessary layer I’d have to get through to get to my game, but I’ve never used it so I could be wrong. Warhawk and UT3 look like good starting points for PSN, but it still has a way to go.

The controller is the bit that binds man and machine, it’s the reason the Wii is a revolution. In my Opinion the 360 controller makes the SIXAXIS look like a throwback to a bad chinese made PSone ripoff. It’s better built, more ergonomic, has better battery management (external batteries) and I think rumbles more important than motion.

Other features:
The other stuff is really not that important, the consoles are for all intents and purposes on on par technically – the differences people will see will be more due to art direction than technical prowess. And once again both look great, it’ll be a content issue, not a console issue.

As far as 7.1 lossless audio goes? Same thing. I promise you the effect, especially for gaming, is no different to 5.1 and that’s if you’ve got more than R100k to spend on speakers alone. It’s a meaningless bullet point, like an 10 megapixel camera – who the heck cares, when you print the thing on A1 it looks the same as a 6mpx picture.

Media Centre?
Once again, if you’re buying a games console who cares? IPTV? also unless you have ADSL 2 it’s meaningless. On the other hand, if the likes of Telkom, AT&T, BT and Deutche Telekom start bundling 360s with their IPTV services, then Sony’s got something to think about.

Those are facts dude. Solid tangible facts. PS3’s is a big pile of really expensive promises at the moment.

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Last Updated: August 24, 2007

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