PS3 Monster Hunter 3 cut due to high dev costs

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Monster Hunter 3 was originally planned as a PS3 exclusive, however this is what Capcom has to say about that. 

Due to high development cost of titles for PS3, we have decided to switch the platform to which we release our Monster Hunter 3 title

While Monster Hunter has never done well in the Western World it does have quite a huge following in Japan, which is a lot more important to Sony than it is to Microsoft. Mainly because Microsoft has the US pretty much sewn up.

So where is Monster Hunter going? To the Nintendo Wii obviously… This is what starts to happen when you competition is outselling you 5:1 over the entire year.

Games Sony… We want games..

PS3 Monster Hunter 3 cut due to high dev costs – Joystiq

Last Updated: October 11, 2007

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