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PS3 Move lag clocked in at 22ms… people claim it’s noticeable

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ITWire has put up a round up of a recent PS3 press conference where they got to try out the upcoming PS Move.

Sony has officially claimed the lag clocks in at 22 milliseconds which is 1/5th of the lag that Project Natal has been timed at but ITWire still claims this lag is noticeable.

Personally I can’t imagine how 0.022 of a second could really be that noticeable but until we get some hands on time of our own we can’t really dispute that.

In other news they were also left underwhelmed by the 3D Motorstorm demo that was displayed with the biggest complaints being around the HUD being ghostly and the image not being as crisp as expected.. or pretty much exactly what every 3D image looks like to me.

On the good side the Move reacted fantastically to flicking movements and twisting movements which bode well for any sports games in the line up.

You can check out the entire post via the link including the fact that Sony has sold 850 000 PS3’s in the region and that their sales have increased dramatically since that PS3 slim was released last year.

Source: ITWire

Last Updated: May 19, 2010

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