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PS3 other OS class suit thrown out

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Remember when you were able to load Linux on your PS3 and cure cancer? That was cool, but then the evil corporation that is Sony stepped in and disabled that feature because if anyone’s going to cure cancer then it’s not going to be on a PS3.

Or it was because of piracy concerns, not sure but either way the ability to run Linux on a PS3 was removed and 99.9% of PS3 owners couldn’t have cared less.

I myself thought it was a stupid idea allowing people to run Linux on a gaming console right from the beginning but was told that I’m just saying that because I hate Sony and wanted to kill it’s babies.

Then when I said it’s a bad move removing features through firmware updates like this and surely illegal I was told to shut up since I’m just a Sony hater.

But then Anthony Ventura from California went a little further and actually filed a class action lawsuit against Sony for forcefully removing a feature that he had paid for. Which is a very valid point and one that I feel he should have won, he shouldn’t have won millions or the right to get that feature reinstated but he should have been reimbursed the cost of the PS3 and any games he had bought as well as enough money to build his own Linux machine of equal power.

I really thought it was going to be a slam dunk case but apparently Sony has some massively deep pockets and has hired some incredibly smart lawyers while Anthony’s guys seem to have missed a trick here.

The final part of the court case has now been thrown out and Anthony no longer has leave to appeal or alter his case or something. It’s over, that’s the important part.

Sony argued that since Anthony had to confirm acceptance of the new patch then they weren’t forcing him into it even if denying acceptance removed his access to the PSN and future titles which would rely on the new firmware. So it’s not like he had any choice but to accept the firmware update if he wanted his PS3 to continue to be utilised as a gaming device.

So that’s the end of that and all’s well that ends well for Sony and to make sure they don’t have to destroy some other consumer in court again they have updated their terms and conditions to state that you cannot file or enter into a class action law suit against Sony regarding it’s online service unless they give you permission to.

Microsoft has recently added a similar amendment and I for one would be happy to donate towards anyone suing both these companies for being scumbags and trying to take us for a ride. You can’t strong arm people into forgoing their legal rights it’s not only not ethical it surely must be illegal?

In closing, Sony you’re being a douche by removing features that you used to market your PS3 with. While you may have been legally right you were morally wrong and hopefully you give Anthony an under the table gift to make up for this.

Last Updated: December 13, 2011

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