PS3 Price Drop in October – Microsoft to Counter?

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PS3Goldman Sachs analyst Yuji Fujimori (Say that 10 times fast), has predicted a $100 price drop for the PS3 in October this year.

Bringing the PS3 down to about R5400 which is still steep but makes it more affordable and more desirable.

How are Sony going to manage a price cut? Basically just the price of parts coming down and a more refined manufacturing process. Those blue diodes have to come down in price rapidly and I am sure that is one of the reasons for the PS3’s high price.

However it has also been reported recently that Microsoft are making $75 per Xbox they currently sell. So if they can make that $100 before October they could match the PS3 price drop and then even drop it by $125-$150 to take the jump on Sony.

That would drop the price of the Xbox 360 premium to about R2500… Wait hasn’t this already been spoken about?

Last Updated: March 21, 2007

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