PS3 price drop incoming [Rumour]

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Are you still sitting on the sidelines waiting for the PS3 to hit that magic number in your head before you buy one?

Well then you may want to crank up that credit card as we have another rumoured PS3 price drop incoming and this may be the one that makes you finally pick one up.

Reports are coming in from Europe that we will be seeing a £50 to £70 drop announced at Gamescom this August which will likely turn into a R500 to R700 drop here locally.

Currently the 160Gb PS3 retails for R2999 and a drop to around R2499 or around the price of a Xbox 360.

Obviously this leads us to believe that if they do drop the price Microsoft will surely follow and it could then be the last price drop we see before the next gen of consoles is announced. As profit margins fall the bean counters at Sony and Microsoft will start asking for something to happen to increase profits again.

While it’s all a rumour still the last price drop that the PS3 saw was at Gamecom 2 years ago and that leads me into believing this is more likely to happen than not.

Source: 1UP

Last Updated: June 27, 2011

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