PS3 price drop to $499 on July 12

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What a night, first Microsoft come out with their new 3 year hardware warranty and now this. spotted an advertisement for a PS3 at Circuit City for $499 yesterday. then contacted Sony Entertainment America and has been told by an anonymous merchandise manager that the price drop is true.

The PS3 is going to cost $499 in the US from the 12th of July. I am not sure if Sony leaked this information to counter Microsoft’s announcement or if someone at Circuit City is in some real trouble.

The general rule of thumb is that the exchange rate is R10:$1 for some obscure reason so we can expect our price to drop down to about R5400…

Which makes it more appealing but still just that little bit to high.

I do expect a huge jump in PS3 sales resulting from this however.

What are the chances of Microsoft now dropping the price of the Xbox 360 as well? I wouldn’t buy anything now until after E3 next week to see how everyone reacts.

Link to GameDaily BIZ: Report: PS3 $499 on July 12

Last Updated: July 6, 2007

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