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PS3 sales ‘may’ one day overtake the 360 sales

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It is a good indication of how things have changed when respected industry analysts are now talking about how the PS3 may overtake the 360 sales if this, this and this happen.

In the good old days everyone was convinced that the PS3 would slaughter the competition and walk away with yet another undisputed title, however two years after it’s release and it is still 8 million behind the Xbox 360 and a gazillion behind the Nintendo Wii and things are looking ever so slightly different.

Michael Pachter’s predicted price cut has already received a lot of media attention and a few other analysts have now jumped on the same bandwagon, the common agreement now is that if the PS3 was priced competitively, below $300, then it could possibly overtake the Xbox 360 in sales.

However that being said they also did say that this would only be the case if the PS3 was priced on a parity with the Xbox 360, in other words that the Xbox 360 didn’t get yet another price cut at the same time.

You can bet the house on the fact that if Sony slashed the price of the PS3 to $299 the Xbox 360 Premium would get at least a $50 price cut and more than like a $80 price cut to then retail at $219.

Microsoft has put a lot into this war and I highly doubt they are going to sit back and watch Sony take it away from them without a fight.

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: January 19, 2009

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