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PS3 sales plummet 82% – UK

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Some very bad news is leaking out this morning for Sony. It seems like the hardware sales for the PS3 in the UK have dropped 82% since launch.

After blowing their trumpet everywhere about their record breaking 165 000 units sold on launch it seems like Sony are being oddly quite about this recent revelation.

I have seen a few people trying to put a positive spin on this but to be completely honest you cannot positively have sales drop by 82% when you have stock on hand.

This is terrible news for Sony and implies that their record breaking launch was not a sign of things to come. The R6199 machine is to much for the casual gamer and with the scarce selection of games currently for the PS3 it does not justify it’s price.

Sony needs to bring out some games and quickly before it loses this war in it’s first year.

Link to PlayStation 3 hardware sales plummet 82 per cent // GamesIndustry.biz

Last Updated: April 4, 2007

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  1. suna

    April 12, 2007 at 15:36

    Yeah, that would kinda happen if you launched a console in the middle of March. Maybe a better time would have been to try and launch it around…um, Christmas. This is generally regarded as the time of year when poor people get rewarded by their various places of employment with bags of cash to buy frivolous shit they’ll regret buying in January. That’s what Microsoft did.

    Oh, Sony will we ever forgive you for launching late?

    No. No, we won’t.


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