PS3 Shamed By Japanese Retailer

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And there you  have it… not a pretty site…

 What? You can’t read Japanese? Fine here is the translation of all that ‘stuff’ on the green banner

Since no new PS3 games are coming out this week, here’s footage of brand new [email protected] downloadable content!

If you don’t know [email protected] is yet another one of those weird Japanese games that we don’t get, but the kicker is that game is made exclusively for the XBox 360….

Yup this retailer has gotten so annoyed by the lack of PS3 games they are now using the box to plug their Xbox 360’s…

The small writing on that banner states that there are Xbox consoles, point and software available on the third floor.

I am not sure what’s worse here that the retailer has done this or they have 3 story gaming stores in Japan?

Link to Hot Tears: PS3 Shamed By THE [email protected] – Kotaku

Last Updated: June 1, 2007

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