PS3 Skate Frame Rate Patch Petition + More Delays

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Hey it looks like another PS3 bashing Monday. First I posted about the extended Halo Half Life delay and the very next story is about the horrible framerate issues in the PS3 version of Skate.

A bunch of angry Skate fans have started a petition on the official Skate forums about the framerate and terribly laggy multiplayer in Skate.

I found the comment below quite amusing

I would have to agree they need to patch it i mean if you can give one system a very good frame rate you should be able to do it on the playstation 3 considering its the stronger system reguardless of what others might say. I would just like a equal share in the games greatness and not a laggy game that should have been produced better.

Now really, does the guy/girl think EA have gimped the PS3 version on purpose? It actually is possible that the PS3 is not the stronger system, I mean if you look at the gaming facts (not system specs) the 360 is currently out performing the PS3 in every department.

I think it may be about time for the PS3 fans to admit that the 360 is also a very good machine just like the PS3.

In other bad PS3 related news Midway has officially confirmed the delay of Unreal Tournament 3, Stranglehold and Area 51: Blacksite. David Zucker has blamed technical issues with the Unreal Engine for all of these but has promised that the technical issues have been resolved and there will be no more delays on the PS3.

EA Forums: Frame Rate Patch Petition – Sign Here! …

Last Updated: October 8, 2007

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