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PS3 Thumb Keyboard

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So not long after Microsoft released their keyboard controller attachment Mad Catz decided to do the same for the PS3 just very badly….

I originally thought the the Xbox 360’s version was a bit of a waste of money but at least they had the sense of putting the keyboard under the controller. I am not sure how the gamers over at Mad Catz play games but generally my thumbs are under the controller when playing which makes hitting the keys on this version really difficult…

I vote failed on this one…. and is it just me or os there no space button on that keyboard and the backspace key is where space should be? What a bizarre bunch of keys to merge.

Damn I nearly forgot it’s going to cost $29.99 in the states and I don’t ever expect it to arrive here.

Link to You got keyboard on my SIXAXIS! You got SIXAXIS on my keyboard! – PS3 Fanboy

Last Updated: April 25, 2007

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