PS3 TV Tuner add on…

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Warwick Light, the New Zealand PS3 boss, has been talking to the press about what the PS3 has coming it’s way….

And straight from left field he comes out with a PS3 Digital TV Tuner Add on… you couldn’t make that up. Now while I am sure the people who live in countries with free to air digital TV are happy about this fact. That is the people who don’t currently have a TV are happy about this. However to the rest of us this could possibly be the dumbest accessory ever invented.

I cannot imagine this being an official Sony add on, the market for this device is just to small. I presume the idea is to make the PS3 a PVR but since we have no digital TV signal in SA this would be completely and utterly useless to us…

But then again maybe I am missing something?


Last Updated: August 1, 2007

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