PS3 Vs. Slim: Is There A Performance Difference?

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Since the dawn of time, man and beast have by instinct lived out their lives in competitive battles. Its just our nature… and I guess it explains the fanboy generation too then. Onward to my point: Years may have past since time’s dawn but the truth is our nature is still the same. Hence since Sony’s release of the PS3 Slim, testers have been putting both versions of the console through its paces to see whether or not there are any differences. And you guessed it, we have the videos.

Now keep in mind some show the Slim to be slower whilst others actually show the Slim to be faster. So check out the videos below and be the judge or just a passive viewer.

Start Up – PS3 Phat wins (by a long way)

Blu-Ray movie loading – PS3 Phat wins (by a long way)

Batman Arkhum Asylum – PS3 Slim Wins (by about a second)

Batman Arkhum Asylum Level Load – PS3 Slim wins (by about 2 seconds)

Source: sankakucomplex

Last Updated: August 31, 2009

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