PS4 gets the update no one was waiting for

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PS4 themes

The PS4 is a really cool piece of machinery. I enjoyed it when I first got it, although now that I’m playing more games on it I’m finding a growing number of reasons to love it. However, it still hasn’t replaced my PS3, and Sony’s latest update for the console seems to be ignoring our demands.

The PS4 is getting an update – it now has themes. You know, because people haven’t been asking for increased media support so that they can put a CD into the PS4 or play MP3s or anything. I’m still waiting for the new console to support DLNA so that I can stream my totally legal videos stored on my PC to my big screen TV.

The Vita is also getting an update, so you can have themes on all your Sony toys. Here’s the full rundown on themes in video form:

I liked themes on the PS3, but they were pretty low on my priority list. Sure, it was nice to have certain anime or game specific themes, but that didn’t really change my opinion of the console. Meanwhile, the PS4 is rapidly approaching its first birthday and we still don’t know when we can safely pack away the best media centre PS3. Will Sony finally give us what we’ve been waiting for? I understand these next generation consoles are from the future, but it can’t be that hard to sort out the issues with media.

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Are you excited enough about themes, or is it all just cosmetic fluff to you? What features would you like to see in the next updates?

Last Updated: September 2, 2014

Zoe Hawkins

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  • PERSONA 5!!!! (Umar)

    All these update that just adds more ‘stability’ is nothing more than a ploy to secretly install bits of The Last Guardian on your PS4. By the year 2020 when the final update hits. Sony will surprise us by telling us The Last Guardian is already on our machines waiting for us to play it

    • Sir Rants A Lot: On Pandora

      Imagine how epic that would be hahahahha

    • #believeUmar

    • Spaffy

      2020? With local internet speeds…

    • Sir GIF Sexy

      I want to #belieb

    • AmiiHalildot

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    • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

      I BELIEVE!!!

  • Nahuel Graziani

    Youtube app please. I loved the youtube app on my PS3 and being able to just beam videos from my phone to my console.

    • Milesh Bhana

      agreed, youtube and TuneIn app gets used all the time on my PS3.

      afaik, Update 2.0 will add the youtube app.

    • Maxiviper117

      Chromecast, problem solved + being able to also stream videos from your PC or videos stored in your Phone using BubbleUPnP.

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Cosmetic fluff? I’m sure that appeals to Martha & JJ 😉

  • Ryanza

    If you have zero access to all your media codecs. We have a console for that, it’s called PS3.

  • Ryanza

    If you want media playback. You will have to get 2 jobs for that.

  • Hammersteyn

    I really wish they would hurry up with the mp3 player. I’m getting tired of listening to music on my hi-fi, or phone, or laptop.

    • Brady miaau

      Well, we certainly would not want you to run out of options there. 🙂 (Sarcasm alert. I am told that people cannot spot sarcasm in the written word. Ok, my written word)

      Some other suggestions:
      Car idling, banging stereo
      Piss off your neighbours with annoying music till they play their own. Snuggle up close to wall and listen. Variety is good for the soul
      TV Streaming or DSTV Audio
      Move next door to a nightclub (note that over time this may lead to liver and or kidney failure)
      Sony Walkman, 1982 vintage. IT STILL WORKS

  • DrKiller

    PS4 should just support Plex and move on…. Plex will fix every problem!

  • Ryanza

    I’m a fan of having a background picture on the dashboard where you can actually see the picture. That’s why I liked the PS3 dashboard.

    The themes in that video you can see the pictures in the background. But how does the PS4 handle custom background pictures?

  • AdMortem

    Center? American spelling…….

  • Sk3tz0

    didnt ask for but im all for it.. the blue background has begun working on my nerves as of late..

  • I dont care about media playback or themes, just let me pause the downloads

  • Skyblue

    best media centre

    I LOL’ed so hard at that. The PS3 is the WORST media streaming device ever conceived (prob because it was never designed for it originally)

  • Gilad

    I miss being able to pause & resume my downloads :-/

  • Holeybartender

    I’m sure there will be more updates in the coming holiday months than just these features.Patience is all people need.As far as MP3 and DLNA is concerned,it IS NOT a vital feature of a GAMING console.A car doesn’t need a stereo system to be a car.

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