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“PS4 is just a games machine” says Rebellion Games

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Sniper Elite

The guys over at GamingBolt have chatted to the Senior Producer of Sniper 3, Jean-Baptiste Bolcato, about the difficulties of developing on the Xbox One compared to the PlayStation 4 and some interesting things were stated.

The interview doesn’t start well for the Xbox One with Jean-Baptiste stating

It was clearly a bit more complicated to extract the maximum power from the Xbox One when you’re trying to do that. I think eSRAM is easy to use. The only problem is…Part of the problem is that it’s just a little bit too small to output 1080p within that size. It’s such a small size within there that we can’t do everything in 1080p with that little buffer of super-fast RAM.

The problem is that the limitations on the Xbox One are entirely hardware related and unless Microsoft has some amazing software wizardry up its sleeve then this is something that simply will be a problem until the next generation.

However Rebellion doesn’t think it’s going to be a problem as he goes on to state

They are releasing a new SDK that’s much faster and we will be comfortably running at 1080p on Xbox One. We were worried six months ago and we are not anymore, it’s got better and they are quite comparable machines.

Now I understand that Microsoft can help resolve bottlenecks with a new SDK that handles the swapping better but in reality the hardware limitation still exists. You still cannot load the same amount of information into the RAM that you can on the PlayStation 4 and while they may get the Xbox One running at 1080p it is only logical to think that the PS4 will still be running better.

He goes on to explain why he feels the Xbox One has this issue though by stating

The Xbox One is a bit more multimedia, a bit more hub-centric so its a bit more complex. There’s stuff you can and can’t do because it’s a sort of multimedia hub. PS4 doesn’t have that. PS4 is just a games machine.

Rebellion are currently targeting 1080p and 60fps on both versions so it will be interesting to see if they manage to pull it off.

Last Updated: February 10, 2014

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