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PS4 plans on hold, Sony bets the house on NGP

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We’re going to have to take this report with a bucket of salt since Sony have yet to even confirm that they are working/planning a PS4. Even though we all know they obviously are.

But the reports coming out of a Japanese site this morning are claiming that Sony has shelved it’s plans for a PS4 and stopped all research into it while they prepare for the release of the NGP.

Sony are banking on the NGP being a massive success and overtaking the home console as the main console of choice.

Hiroshige Goto says SCEI suspended PS4 development. They were working on a PowerPC based system at IBM Rochester after the Larrabee fall out, then shelved it. They are betting the farm on PSP2 as they expect handhelds to displace consoles.

Personally if these rumours are true and Sony is banking it’s future gaming success on the NGP then I think they have completely lost their mind. It doesn’t really matter how awesome the NGP is or how great any handheld is ever going to be it can’t replace the group interaction that surrounds a home console. Or the experience of watching some locusts head explode in 50 inches of HD goodness.

What’s more likely is that they are banking on Microsoft also holding out for as long as possible with its replacement to help them both recover R&D costs from the Xbox 360 and PS3. What’s going to ruin the party for both these guys is when Nintendo announce plans for their new console at E3 this year which will ultimately force them both to reveal their hands.

I’m quite happy to not have to upgrade for another 2 years to be honest, but the idea of moving from my big screen to a handheld is just not going to happen; when I’m at home I want to use a console connected to my TV.

Source: TheSixthAxis

Last Updated: February 16, 2011

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